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Stephen’s extensive career spans over 30 years, providing business solutions to investment banks and hedge funds; further building significant businesses and advising SME’s.

He has invested across numerous industry sectors and geographic areas (spending four years in New York) and has a unique understanding of multi-faceted, fast-moving issues and opportunities faced by businesses. In recent years his focus has been predominantly in the UK and European markets.

Stephen has the ability to grasp new and complex issues at speed, asking questions and noticing anomalies; he gains a true perspective and understanding of businesses, grasping opportunities and solving problems; he passionately drives and implements his recommendations.

Stephen has an extensive understanding of corporate regulation, compliance, governance and due diligence, which he’s used throughout his career, more recently as a trustee for two charitable foundations and as a school governor; he’s also involved in environmental issues, with him understanding the necessity for resolution and attention to detail in this burgeoning area.

Stephen (sometimes) enjoys a game of golf, however much more his sailing.