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Our team are passionate about growing world-class companies

Our team are passionate about growing world-class companies

Our Team

We are incredibly proud of our team and their diverse backgrounds


Our diverse and skillful team consist of executives and professionals with decades of experience running and guiding businesses in various small and lower middle market private companies.

Our experienced team of deal partners have an excellent track record in delivering sustained growth, underpinned by being collaborative, agile and responsible in their approach to investment and management. We explore all avenues to harness talent and create new opportunities, recruiting the best people to implement our expansion plans.

Our local deal partners permit us to navigate the diverse and complex UK small and lower middle market landscape and invest with insight across a variety of selected industries, they play a crucial role in local deal sourcing, execution and on-the-ground value creation.



David Brown Managing Director of OAGI, UK

David Brown Managing Director of OAGI, UK David is the founder of OAGI Partners.

David has over fifty year’s commercial experience in financial disciplines and wider management procedures covering a broad range of industry sectors. David possesses extensive expertise in developing businesses, building talented teams with strong management structures and successfully implementing sound long-term growth strategies, preserving assets and increasing revenue, whilst keeping prudent control.

David started his own wholesale clothing business (at the age of 21) which developed to include manufacturing and importing, eventually selling to a Hong Kong supplier in 1981. Thereafter acting on behalf of British and European companies as a commercial agent, he successfully established and serviced an extensive network of distributors in the UK, USA and Europe. In recent years David started, built up and developed high-end construction companies, specialising in the prime residential sector.

David’s principles are focused on partnership, cooperation, contribution, unity and teamwork; determining and providing good practice values to be promoted throughout OAGI; harmonizing and integrating corporate governance procedures; acting responsibly towards employees, business partners, stakeholders and society as a whole.